What Is Roblox Stealth



Stealth is a game on Roblox where you are an assassin in a town with other players, NPC people and NPC guards. The guards you want to kill, but the people not so unless you want to be finned you also want to kill the other player because you get the most money and some bounty.



Using The Controls In Roblox Stealth



The controls are a bit different than normal controls, but other then that they are pretty much the same, to move around it’s the simple W,A,D and S to run you hold down the left shift and the W key to climb up windows and doors. To crouch you press C shift to slide tackle you hold shift, W and C.



What Is The Best Disguise In Roblox Stealth



The best disguise is most likely to dress up like a citizen so you are not notice by other players when walking around, this way you can have secret attack when they walk by you, you turn around and stab them in the back.



What Are The Big Attacks In Roblox Stealth



The big attacks that happen are from the people on the other side of the wall they send big rocks to try and kill you and shortl after that you’ll notice those tax guards come and spawn in. You may notice that they are super hard to kill without them killing you first, but at least they don’t take your money.



Tips N Tricks Roblox Stealth



When you walk around the map do not have any weapons out so that others players don’t suspect a thing. If you slide on someone with your dagger and left click to kill them it is the best strategic move you can do. Find an NPC and follow closely behind them and when you see another player attack them with the strategic move I told you. Don’t climb on the roof top a very much because another’s player will see you and try to assignation you. Don’t try sniping with crossbows the reason I say that is because they take very small damage and the player will notice you. I hoped it helped you a bit with you problems. Go check out my new group called Craziest Designers today!