About Roblox Weight Lifting Simulator 2



Weight lifting simulator 2 is a big game on Roblox now and there are people who are successful on making a game that is based on the same thing like eating simulator which looks the apposite from weight lifting simulator because you get fat instead of buff.


Weight lifting simulator is like a tapping/clicking game and every 3 taps/clicks you get you get stronger you can also fight other players, but you don’t want to do that right when you start Of because you literally look like the size of a twig.



The Big Boy Beach Roblox Weight Lifting Simulator 2



Well, well, well the big boy beach only for the big boys huh. To access this beach you have to be 2000 strength I think either way it tells you on the invisible wall that only the big boys can walk through. Everything on this beach is super sized like the treadmill is really big like super doper big it’s probably 20times bigger than the normal ones.



How To Boost Up Your Speed



To boost up your speed you need to use the treadmill which barley ever work, if you think they all work, then you are wrong it has to turn green and you go faster. The way you can check how fast you go is by opening up the stats on the left side and if that does not go up then the treadmill does not work another thing is you if it does not turn green it is not working either.



How To Avoid Being Killed Constantly Roblox Weight Lifting Simulator



To do this it is very simple all you have to do is go over to the rocks and hide behind one so that no one can see you, then you can do stuff freely as a robloxian lifter.



Glitches For Roblox Weight Lifting Simulator



The first glitch I have for you is about running and lifting at the same time if you go on the treadmill and run for 10s then pull out your weights you should be able to run on the treadmill and lift weights at the same time. The second one is a story of how I got the double weights for free. So I was playing the game Lifting some weights, but I was by all the other weights that were bigger so I bought some protein bar because I was very small and a bit bored after that someone killed me and I spawned with double weights. Well I hope this helped you guys will your problems.