Frontline Battle Royal Basics


Fortnite Battle Royal is 100-players per server game, the way the game works is you wait 1 minute or 10 seconds (when the server is full). When you are in the party bus to jump, press X on PS4, A on Xbox and space on PC when you’re ready to land.


Frontline Battle Royal Pro Tips


When you jump you fall towards the ground but if you don’t deploy your glider/umbrella it will deploy automatically deploy, but if you deploy to early you’ll stay in the air for a long time and all the loot where you are landing will be gone, but you can spam the deploy button a lot and you shall go further.

When you land its better to land of top of a house and break the roof because there’s a chance there’s a chest in the roof. If you see someone landing on a house before you its not good to go in the same house because they will get all the loot before you can and they’ll most likely kill you. Some of the best places to are Pleasant Park, Salty Springs and retail Row.


Frontline Battle Royal Professional Tactic


If you are getting shot at the best thing to do is build with brick or metal so they can’t destroy it quickly unlike with wood because it’s very easy to break after you’ve done that you quickly build some stairs so you can see the person that was shooting you and hopefully kill them, but be sure not to peak your head out to much because of snipers. It is always good to collected materials because when late game comes you’ll need them because when the storm shrinks in you get closer to your opponents and its better if you have a building to protect yourself and have a better vantage point. If you get stuck in the storm the best thing to do is hold out your bandages and run like hell, when you get low heath you must swiftly use your bandages until you think you have enough health to keep running and you keep doing this until your out of the storm. The weapons have color coding to show what’s the better gun so grey is the worst, green is better than grey, blue is better than green, purple is better than blue and yellow/orange is the best color to get. Some of the weapons to get are: the AR, burst rifle, scar and other sub machine guns, the best gun in the game is the legendary scar that’s if you get a headshot.