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What Is Roblox All About?

Posted on March 5, 2016  in Need Help, Tips & Tricks

So, you might be wondering what Roblox is all about? Why is it so popular? And why do people like it?


What It Is About


Roblox is a fun on line game where you can play other games that other users have made and make your own games with every thing you can think of in develop. You can make one where you get Robux. you can play this game on computer, iPad, iPod, iPhone, mobile and Xbox.




There’s Robux which is money and there use to be Tix but they got rid of them i don’t now why they did that. but i will figure out to get Robux with no cheats, hacks or anything like that.




Any way you can join groups and make groups you also get something called a Builder Club but they cost real money and they give you Robux.


Recommended Age


Roblox is recommended  8-18 for children and teenager most game are 12 and under it is also rated 18 because some people mak games like GTA and shooting games.


At The Top Of Your Profile


You also have at the top of your profile three things you have friends, follower and following you can have up to 201 friends and millions of followers.


This Is Not Easy 


Building games making a game is not simple it takes skill, concentration  and patience so its not easy. There are lots of different things like plugin and if you put the Ron thing one i it wood  mess up the game these clip in the same wood happen but if you put the right ones on then that game could make thousands of Robux.




Roblox catalog is where you can find pretty much anything to buy with your Robux you can buy wings to fly you can buy swords to fight because you can actually use it in games.


Playing Games


Playing games some games you wont get some have instruction and some people aren’t nice some are friendly but the the people that aren’t you can report them and they might get banned from that game or from Roblox it depends  how many  times they get reported. don’t hack ether because you could get reported and maybe even banned so don’t hack in games or out.

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