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Three Ways How To Get Free Robux

Posted on May 29, 2016  in Need Help, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

this has no hack or cheat


1.Go into a game and copy the link (some don’t have a link) and then go to Trade. and you’ll see something that says promotion and then you’ll see something else that says Roblox url: under that  you’ll see writing rectangle thing  paste the link in there. After you do that it goes on line if some one clicks on that and they get Roblox  every thing they buy you get 5% of the profit. So say if  they get some thing that cost them 100 Robux you get 5 Robux.


Also no hack or cheat


2.For this one you need develop. So you have to make/have a good game that’s  popular  and has people playing all the time(100 is good) so there’s enough people to buy stuff. So to put stuff in your store in the game  you go to profile then go to creations and click on the four squares click on the the game. And click on the store then click on add/pass if you click on pass then that goes to develop (i don’t now how to make one) or if you click on add gear you go to catalog. And you click on what ever you wan’t  then you click on add to game and it goes into your game then other people can buy it.


No hack or cheat ether 


3.For this you need BC and group in your group you’ll see Members and Store click on Store and you’ll see T-Shirt, Shirt and Pants click on the one you want and then click on choose file. Select your picture click enter and then upload wait for it to load. After that you scroll down all group items then click on the one you want to sell and in the right coiner you’ll see a circle with spikes next to that is a an arrow pointing down click on those. Then click on configure this T-Shirt once your in there can name it you can make it for sale but if you click on sale it make it so can change the price (it only goes to 1,000,000, and Roblox get 30%) and you can classify it so people can find it easier and one your done click save.

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