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Things To Know About Roblox

Posted on January 26, 2017  in Need Help, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

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How To Get Free Robux 


Now this is something most players struggle with, but if you think about it’s not the hard, first go to anything on Roblox then copy the link to trade go to promotion then paste it where it say’s “Roblox url: ” then click enter and then one someone clicks on you get 5% every thing they buy! So say if they bought a pile of robux you get 5% of the robux they got do you get it?


Basic Game Controls 


As you probably know the simple game controls W, A, D, S for moving around SPACE BAR for jumping

and if you’re playing a shooting game R is reload also if you’re playing a game with murder knives ( like Murder Mystery ) Q would be to throw the knife. and there you got the Basic Game Controls.


How Make A Group


Making a group is very simple, first click the big Create button then enter the name of you group and the description then choose your file also you have the option between Anyone Can Join or Manual Approval and if you want BC only then click Purchase to finish you group.


How To Make Clothes


Making clothes ahh the key to making Robux.

First step first go to Develop then click Shirt or Pants after that it will say “Did you use the template?” then say’s ”Download It Here” in blue then click the writing and it loads you to an image drag the image mac or PC right click the image and click open with and choose the program that you use and edit the template.

When you finish editing the image drag it into develop and where it say ”Choose File” or click choose file and find the file you edited and click it.

then choose a name and click Upload and the you got a shirt to sell!


Dealing with online friends 


To ignore a friend request click ignore and if you want to ignore all click ignore all, to accept a request a click Accept and ther go.

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