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Terraria How To Make A Terra Blade

Posted on April 12, 2017  in Uncategorized

How To Make A Terra Blade


First you need to make a Night’s Edge you’ll need the following swords.

Light’s Bane,Muramasa,Blade Of Grass and The Fiery Greatsword and to craft that your need a Demon Altar which you’ll find in the corrupted areas in a the big holes.


How to get all the items for Night’s Edge, the first item you’ll need is 10 dementia bars to make a Light’s Bane plus an anvil to craft it.


The next item will be the Muramasa the way you get this is to go in the skeletron dungeon all you need to do is defeat skeletron before you can go in the dungeon, once you have defeated him you can go in and find golden keys to open the golden chests and you’ll find the Muramasa in one of the golden chests.


The next item you’ll need is the Blade Of Grass, first you need is Jungle Spores which you find in the jungle biome you go into the caves to try and find is jungle spores which look like big green balls and you need 12 of them.

The next thing you need is stingers which you also get in the jungle biome under, you will get the by killing any sort of wasp and other flying bugs for theses you need 15 and this said can  e crafted at an anvil.


The last sword you need is the Fiery Greatsword and you need 20 Hellstone bar and to get the bars you need to go to hell and mine the Hellstone ore, but be ware that when you mine this ore lave comes out.

To make this bad you need obsidian and a Hellforge or other higher forges and then once you have got all the bars you can craft you sword then carft the Night’s Edge.


The Next 3 Swords


Now I’ll tell you how to make the the next sword which is called the Excalibur all you need is 12 hollowed bar witch your you can get by get by killing Skelotron Prime and then you need an anvil.


The next sword is the True Night’s Edge and to craft it you need the Night’s Edge and a Broken Hero Sword and craft it at a Mithril Anvil.


Now the True Excalibur first you need and Excalibur and a Broken Hero Sword and to craft you need a Mithril Anvil.


This is the last step and the last step is to craft a Terra Blade yep that’s right. But to do so you need the following items a True Night’s Edge, a True Excalibur and a Broken Hero Sword and you need to craft this sword at a Mithril Anvil, well done now you have a Terra Blade.

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