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Roblox What Does It Do-Home

Posted on October 26, 2016  in Need Help, Tips & Tricks

Hey guy’s! Another hack on me, which is disappointing anyway you might want to get started.


What Does It Do –  Picture


Home is pretty simple to use, but some people don’t so if you don’t, I suggest  you read this.As you can see the top has your picture it’s sort of the you would make a portrait  of someone.It’ll say ” Hello 8cool8guy8 ” (thats just an example of my name it will have you name in stead,) also by clicking on it will reload you to your profile.


What Does It Do- friends


Your friends are people who asked you to be a friend by sending requests, or you sending a request. you can have 201 friends at the moment they might make an update, but haven’t heard from them yet.


What Does It Do-Games


Now games, it only shows your lately played games if you click ” See All ” you can see 43 other games that you played, I might’ve counted wrong so correct if I am wrong. You can always go back a play them if you double click the games.


Under is your favourite and if you have more than the limit click ” See All ” you can see the rest. You might have a limit  i’m not exactly sure that is because I only have six which is the limit for the front of the home.


Then we have friend activity which is a pile of games that would be fun to play with a online friends or real life friends they are also good for chatting with a friend or friends.


What Does It Do-My Feed


My Feed  are groups that try and get you to either get you to apply for a job, or play the new games that they made.

It also is for friends that wanna play with you in a game, or if you are in a trading group they’ll tell you to trade the leader or co leaders or anyone.


Also if you click on they’re link it’ll probably take you to there group or if it’s a trade group it’ll maybe take you to do a trade which does happen a lot to me in the trade group i’m in.


What Does It Do-Blog News 


Blog News is a very very simple thing, to use it will only say a few things that are new on there blog and to actually see the blog just click see more and it will take you to the blog


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