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Roblox The Legendary Swords RPG gaming experience

Posted on July 7, 2016  in Roblox Games, Strategy, Tips & Tricks


The Legendary Swords RPG



Now this other game is quit poplar there’s at least over 100 people on the game at the same time but they just keep on coming  and leaving. The game is grate and it’s fun to play but some times it glitches and there all these weird picture’s on the wall’s.


Where You Spawn


OK in spawn you spawn near a store ( witch is not a very good one ) a rebirth armour  store ( witch is good ) but at that store you can only buy stuff if you have got reborn a few times ( one time works to. ) Also the sever event sign and Floating Fortress. There nine different places to go to and that includes inside of the mane ones.




The first  one is the outer caves witch  is level 0 required then inside that there a another one called caves witch is required level 5. The next one is  the upper mountain. The next is forest and the level required is 45 for the forest and there you can find a better sword shop . And on the wall it says the damage and name.The other one is Maxos Temple level is 100 to enter and there no shop but it is a grate place to get gold or level up if you go thru the columns there are secret bosses.


Hirer Level Places


this one is the called the Legendary Mines and behind the dirt wall that sticks out mob the mob isn’t a boss there’s another one in the mines  its called the Deep Mines.
Now the Mysterious  portal has a shop with very good sword in the Mysterious Portal but the level required is 250! There’s anther place in there witch is level 285 to go in and it’s called Angelic Temple.
Ok the Black Hole in there it’s a small place and there’s one boss witch has a really good sword but that’s all there is in there.


The Hiyest Level Place


Last one is the Legendary Towers so what it is basically one big tower and you pay 100K to the man he let’s you guys all the way up and here’s a secret behind the tower is a rebirth place 4 rebirth to enter one you go in you have to fight a boss

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