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Roblox My 1ST favourite Tycoon Game

Posted on July 8, 2016  in Roblox Games, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Retail Tycoon



If you don’t now what tycoon means it means sort of like a factory or the point of the game.


Clean Ratings


In Retail Tycoon you start of with a lot of money you get 5,000 dollars to start of with so go claim a store. Your store has ratings those depend on how clean your store is.


Dirty Ratings


If it’s dirty you’ll get bad  ratings so hire a start of I recommend putting a register, a freezer, selves. then use the rest of your money to stock them but buy the cheep stuff. then get 80 sodas and 30 foods then get one cashier.


Good Way To Start


Then if you get one a manger and one  restocked you can automatically get every thing restocked by going to supply and going underneath wear it says trash you enter the number you want and click on the box till it has  an check mark. and it will restock every minute and to stop it simply click on the box again.


How To Build And Furnish


to build or furnish you need to have claimed land so to do this you simply click build or furnish then click on the thing you want to place ( you need to be in you to furnish and to build you need have a land to upgrade the look or buy more land. )To place you click to where you want to put it and it simply go there. To rotate you click on R.


Supply And Management


be for you can manage your supply’s you need to get some supply’s to get supply’s you want to click on it one you clicked on it click on the item you want. Then enter the number you want underneath it’ll say how much space it takes up you’ll see SU that means storage unit it also says the cost. To order click on order and it will go to your storage to throw it a way click on trash and it’ll say with warning throw away 1 soda for in example. And you have the decision of wait no or yes.

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