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Roblox Miner’s Haven Gaming Experience

Posted on July 7, 2016  in Roblox Games, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

ScreenShot_20160707120804Miner’s Haven

Last Two Weeks


hi guy’s the last 2 weeks my group got hacked it was called Tick Tack Whip That they stole more then 250R$ from me and my group but anyway let’s get started on this stuff.


My Personal Favorite


So my personal favorite  game is Miner’s haven so we’ll talk about it for a bit. And I think I’ll start with it to so first I’ll tell you how to play. Ok now you move like you move in any other game use W, D, S ,A or your arrows stuff like that the same with the chat.


It’ll Take Awhile To Load


But don’t get all excited or put your fingers where you want  because it does take a while to load so go get a snack or something. The gaming experience for this game is very good and what you do to start of is.


Starting Off


You start with some money to get going and every time you buy something from the shop witch is ion the side  it’ll go to your inventory you can click on in your inventory to place it some where.


 gaming Experience


Now the back to the Roblox gaming  experience this game you can do many things and you can make it how you want put stuff were you want do what you want. You can make the coolest base be more than a trillion-air.


More Than You Think There Is


And unlike other tycoon games this one has more different colored factory’s so if you have a friend but there’s only two people and two different factory’s there’d still be space.


Tips To Get Lots Of Money


OK I’ll give you a tip make one long convener then put droppers all around it then connect a few more conveners with upgrades and at the end of all the conveners have a really good Furriness something that says super rare or rare.


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hey make sure you leave a comment below and write if any tips helped and info or if you like the new editing on my website like the big picture on the top and that’s what my guy looks like wearing the games armor. Thanks for reading or what ever you call it on a site.

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