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Roblox Lumber Tycoon 2 gaming Experience

Posted on July 7, 2016  in Roblox Games, Strategy, Tips & Tricks


 Lumber Tycoon

hello this game is a lumber game so get your axe and start making some lumber.


How To Fix Your Axe Problem


This game is a lumber game and you start with 20 dollars don’t buy anything until you buy an axe or you’ll never be able to buy un axe in that game and if you do don’t save and go out of the game to fix the problem.


Getting Started


So to get started, buy your axe, start making a base, cut down some trees. And sort of trim them but keep the trimmed part and take the rest of the tree. To the wood drop off to start making money and after you have a enough money buy your self a better axe so you can chop faster.


Money And Cargo


Then make some more money and buy a sawmill to get more money every time you drop of some wood. And get a conveyer then you want to buy a truck for faster transport and more cargo.




Then if you want you can make a storage to put the wood in so you have a whole pile of wood so then one your ready you can take it to the drop off.


Gaming Experience


The gaming experience is great you can explore the terrain in action going up the volcano inside the volcano and get the most valuable wood lava wood!




and if you’d like to do some more exploring drive around until you see a pile of boulders you can get some TNT and blow them up warning there’s a really big sound wave so stand back  quit faraway.


Bridge And Shops


The bridge if you go across 2 shops and 1 secret shop there’s the Fancy Furniture and there’s Boxed Bars  but the secret one is to secret so I can’t tell you.


Secret Place


By the  way remember the boulder’s I told you about explore the  until you see the x mark the spot click under it to see some secret which there’s a table with three guy’s sitting down and that’s where you get the shark axe. But three’s three items required to do it and all of the money I costs to that is almost 1000-1200.










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