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Phantom Forces Roblox

Posted on September 9, 2017  in Need Help, Roblox Games, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Hey guys today I will be telling you a bit about phantom forces in Roblox.



What Is Phantom Forces On Roblox



Phantom forces is one of the best shooting games on Roblox that is in first person and they also won the 2016 Roblox award. In this game there are a verity of guns and skins, there is currently 7 maps, but they play in the same order every time.



One Of The Best Guns To Use In Phantom Forces Roblox



I think the AUG HBAR is one of the best guns if you use the right attachments on it. I think the Coyote site for optics, Compensator, Vertical Grip and the Green Laser. The reason I choose these attachments is because they are recommended by youtubers and other people like me. Having these attachments is key to killing by distance with good aim and not to wobbly in motion, it’s also good up close. You can also run pretty fast with it too which is good for certain people.



How To Deploy In Phantom Forces 



The menu is one of the most important thing you need to know about. Let’s start with deploying yourself, there are 3 ways you deploy. You can press the space bar on you computer, click the deploy button in the top left corner or deploy on a teammate by clicking under the deploy button. After you have clicked the button you will see a smaller menu that has all your team names on it, click on one that says ready and it will show you where that player is and if you wanna spawn on top of the you click space bar.



How Kill More And Die Less Phantom Forces



The best way to do this is not to camp in one spot, I know it might be a bit hard to get use to, but you will get it one day. The reason I say not to camp is because once you kill someone they see where you are and get revenge on you. Even if you are a sniper you awaits want to move to a different location after killing.

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