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How Your Roblox Profile Works

Posted on June 19, 2016  in Need Help, Tips & Tricks

Hi guys i’m going to show how your profile works and i’ll start from top to bottom.


At The Top


OK at the top It shows your name and if you have a Builders Club it shows that to and under that is what you can say to make friends or followers if you click on it you can change what you say also it show you the top bit of your guy and if you click on the three squares in the corner you can update your status.
Down below says ABOUT that’s where you’ll all ewes start of in. Creations  is where you have the places that you made and if you put the mouse on but don’t click on the game click on the left to right arrows to see the places that have made or click on the six squares.




Under your places is the shirts or t-shirts click on About again and you can see what you are currently wearing and it also shows you if you are wearing block’y type or Lego type, hair, gear,hat and sun glasses well that’s my example.
Under neath what i was explaining is friends. (you can only have 201 friends) now if you click on see all it will take you to friends and you can see them all and you can see the people that you follow, follower and requests click on Profile then click on inventory in profile  in inventory so up top it’ll say my inventory and this is all the different categories  Animations, Audio, Badges, Decals, Faces, Game Passes, Gear, Hats, Heads, Meshes, Models, Packages, Pants, Places, Plugins, Shirts and T-Shirts.


Group Number


OK groups those you can have 5 of if you don’t have Builder Club and for the groups if you click on the six squares you’ll see all the groups that your in.




Now favorites those are the Roblox games that you like the most and some times it says at the bottom of all the games sense you liked ?.




Roblox Badges the first one you’ll probably get is the Friendship Badge now i’ll tell you how to get it try to get 20 friends you can get a badge for getting a Builder Club last badge  i now how to is welcome to the club if you get Builders Club. Player Badges are really easy to get most of the time you get them for joining the game.

And follow me my name is 8cool8guy8.

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