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How To Use Develop #2-Roblox

Posted on January 2, 2017  in Need Help, Tips & Tricks

Hey guys this time i’m making How To Use Develop #2-Roblox so let’s get into to it.


What Is ToolBox 


So if you don’t know what toolbox is it is a place where you can get Models, Meshes and more also you can make your own,

you can take out toolbox by clicking on at the top where it say ToolBox and close the same way by clicking on it.


What Happens When You Don’t Login 


So when you don’t login and you already making a game and say you wanna save it so if you have a mac you’d go to file save or save as (save as is slower, but you can name save it just well saves ) and click on one and hopefully LOGIN and just login.


Using Material And colour 


Now we’ll start with colour, so there are tons of colours so you should get the one your looking for, anyway click on the item you want to change  then click on colour and choose your colour and in tally it should change the colour.


Using Terrain 


So Generate is the fast way of  creating a world, you choose all the things you want like caves: yes hills: no there are many more options screen-shot2017-01-02-12_18_09you can even choose them all.


There’s also grow you can add different sources of earth you can choose the side, strength and earth source.


Now add which I like because it won’t go up it just make a sphere or a cube, again you can choose the side, strength and earth source.


Erode is really cool instead of making you breaking, sort of though and again you can choose the side, strength and earth source.


Now paint doesn’t really the source of the this you made it’s just the outside and it only paint the earth source, but again you can choose the side, strength and earth source.


Pasting And Testing Your Game


Yes you can copy and paste thing into roblox and test your games, only how well I’ll tell you and I’ll with copying and pasting so have you have item from Roblox Develop to paste it if you have writing it will not work, but now these days you can duplicate which sorta runes it.


Now testing your game you can test it by clicking the play and to stop click stop also anything you add well playing will not show up when you click stop.


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