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How To Get Started Playing Roblox

Posted on June 4, 2016  in Need Help, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

OK Im going to show you how to get started.


Step One 


First you want to search up Roblox sign up then click on the top one in google. After you do that you’ll see all the stuff you need to enter so enter that stuff and you’ll have an account.


Step Two


Then you can click on games and it will take you to games then click on a game to play so one in the game to move click on the arrows or W,D,A and S one you want to leave click on Esc  and click on leave. OK now you can go and you’ll see that you Recently played that game and the star on the side of the game if you click on that it becomes one of your favorite game witch is under  Recently played.


Step Three


Now if you click on Profile of course it take there and in there it shows you what you are made out of and you can  make your self  blocky  or Lego like change that stuff. And if you click on creations it will show you the world you made or worlds other things like T-Shirts, Pants and shirts.


Message And Friends


OK if you click on messages those also help you get started and you can also send them in friends to that friend you click on. now friends will allow you to see requests, followers, following and friends your max friends are 199.




OK Avatar you can customize your character say you can put on sunglasses so then one you go into a game you’ll be warring them.




So now inventory time OK let’s get into it inventor y i s a place where you can see all the stuff you own like faces you can see the one you own and the ones that are remanded.




Ok in Trade that is where you can see what you’ve bot and sold (if you don’t have the update were they get rid of Tix than you can trade in Tix) and where you can put you’re link in.




Now group is where a hole bunch of help each other get the they and you do the and you mite get payed Robux it all deepens how much you work and you can make a fey. and Forum and Blog also helps.

don’t forget to post comment let me now what you want me to post next and i’ll think about it thanks.


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