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How To Get All The Keys In Terraria

Posted on September 5, 2017  in Need Help, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

So you may wonder what Biome Keys are? Well they are those keys to open the cool looking chests in the dungeon and what are in these chests are endgame items. If you don’t know what endgame items are they are item that professionals use, you’ll see a lot  of them in videos.



How To Get The Golden key In Terraria



The golden key rarely dropped by the bone family which is all the skeletons made out of bones so if you ever see a skeleton you can kill it and see if you get a golden key, once you do get one you can unlock a golden chest and get some rare items.



How To Get The Shadow Key In Terraria 



Getting the shadow key is a big step in the game because of all the rare item you get get in a shadow chest. To get a shadow key is pretty easy once you’ve unlocked the dungeon because they just happen to spawn in those golden chests, I just don’t know what the chances are you’ll get one, but they are pretty easy to find. Now that you have your key you can go to the underworld and get one of em purple chests.



How To Get The Temple Key Terraria



We all  know the Jungle Temple in Terraria the one with all the traps and weird lizards, flying snake things well this key gets you in there. To get there you have to kill Plantera and to do that you have to find the Planteras Bulb, but before you do any of that you need to kill all 3 Mechanical Bosses then Planteras Bulb will start spawning all over the underground jungle to break these you need a pickaxe and after killing Plantera you will get 1 temple key.



How To Get The Jungle Key Terraria



The Jungle Key is one of the easiest keys to get all you have to do is go to the Jungle Biome and put down a pile of meteorite blocks about 50 so the meteorite heads come and keep killing them until a key mould drops. If you think it’s taking forever, it’s 1 in 4000 chance of dropping. To make this key you need the following items Temple Key, Jungle Key Mold, 5 Souls of Fright, 5 Souls of Might and 5 Souls of Sight and you can craft it with your bare hands.



How To Get The Hollowed Key Terraria



For the one you will use the same tactic to get the jungle key except you go to the Hollowed Biome and if you don’t have the Hollowed Biome yet you can unlock it by unlocking Hardmode which you unlock from killing the Wall Of Flesh. Once you do that go to your Hollowed Biome and place about 50 meteorite blocks then meteorite heads will spawn near the area, one you’ve done that start spawn killing them until one drops the key mould, but remember it is a 1 in 4000 chance that they will drop.



How To Get The Crimson Key Terraria



Getting the Crimson Key is really not that hard all you got to do is go to the Crimson Biome place about 50 meteorite blocks then spawn kill all the meteorite heads as they spawn then eventually your key mould will drop, but it is only 1 in 4000 drop chance so you’ll be there a while just saying, but other then that, it’s pretty easy.



How To Get The Corruption Key Terraria



Same thing here just in the Corruption Biome, but if your new I’m happy to teach you about it. You have to get around 50 meteorite blocks then set them down in the Corruption Biome then those meteorite heads will spawn in. Start killing them as fast as you can maybe even create a trap to kill them somehow, remember it’s a 1 n 4000 chance that your key mould will drop. The chest for this key is the red one in the dungeon also know as the corruption chest and after opening the chest you get a staff.



How To Get The Frost Key In Terraria



To get the frost key goto the snowy biome and place 50 meteorite blocks then meteorite heads will start to spawn around those meteorite blocks you placed. Now start to kill the meteorite heads to get the key, but a key mould dropping is 1 n 4000 chance so if you get one in the first 100 your pretty lucky, i hoped it helped you.



How To Get The Key Of Light Terraria



To get the key of light you have to go to the hollowed biome and if you don’t have it you can get it by unlocking hardmode which gets blocked by killing the wall of flesh. this item is a craft item and to craft it you need 15 souls of light which you get by killing the monsters in the hollowed biome and can craft it with the workbench. if you put this item in a chest by its self the chest instantly turns in to the mimic of light.



How To Get The Key Of Night 



To get the key of light you have to go to the corruption biome and if you don’t have it you can get it by unlocking hardmode which gets blocked by killing the wall of flesh. this is also a craft item and to craft it you need 15 souls of night which you can get by going to the corruption biome and killing things there and to craft this you can use a workbench.

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