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How The Trading System Works

Posted on June 16, 2016  in Need Help, Tips & Tricks

Hello guys wast-sup i will show you how trading works.


Transaction And Commission And More


OK let’s start with transactions.transactions is where you can see the stuff you’ve bot, sales, purchased, commissions  and group pay outs.  purchased  aloes you to see who you bot it from like the person/group it tells you the date that you bot it in and what it is called. Sales tell you what you’ve sold like say you sell something that cost 800R$ you’ll get 500R$ because Roblox gets 30%. Commissions a commission is where you get some profit of what other people buy something  (if you haven’t seen the free Robux post go check it out it tells you how to get Robux) that cost 100R$ you get 5% but you have to put a link in for that but my three ways how to get free Robux tells you all about that.


Group Payouts 


Group payouts is if you get some Robux for working hard in your group or if you own a group you get funds witch is pretty much the same thing.


Summary And More


Summary tells you the credit you get like Builders Club Stipend, Builders Club Stipend Bonus, Sale of Goods, Currency, Purchase, Currency Purchase, Promoted Page Conversion Revenue,Promoted Page Conversion Revenue, Promoted Page Conversion Revenue, and group payouts and if you go to week, month and year the numbers just keep getting bigger.


Trade Items


OK now we will move on to Trade Items. Inbound means that you got like a request it”ll show you the expire date, trade partner, status and action that’s much it.Outbound is the same thing just it is a request that you sent.




So completed means that if you traded some thing it will show you the details what you traded  and it also means that you’ve completed you’re trade. Inactive means that you have an inactive request.




Last one promotion is where you put you’re link and above where you put you’re link in it says ” When you share a promotional link to any ROBLOX page and new players come to ROBLOX from your link, you earn 5% of every purchase they make. You can use the Share button on any place page to generate a link that includes your promoter code.” and the NEW VISITORS means like if you get new visitors on a game or something it’ll shows you how many you got. Signups means how many people signed up of you link. Promotional Revenue means you’re money that you get.

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