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Awesome Roblox Tips Tricks For Your Group

Posted on June 5, 2016  in Need Help, Tips & Tricks

OK let’s get started Robloxians.


Builders Club


Ok so for some of this you need BC (BC is builders club) because this is also making a group.


Making A Group


OK I’m going to start with making a group so for this you need BC  now we groups then at the top you of the groups your in it says Create click on that now you write the name that you won’t and if you won’t you can write a description. And then choose file take the one you wan’t and also you the join type and if you wan’t it click on purchase. Now that your done that you can change more stuff on the side and add primary or Advertise or get rid of it.




Advertise so im going to tell you how to advertise so basically just click on Advertise Group  choose you file then i think but don’t forget to make sheer it the rite size.


Audit Log


And last one is Audit Log you can see what you’ve done to make your group better.


 Group Tips




OK now one you have a group try not to give and make a cool name so people think it cool so they join.




And if you get a few people in your group like five don’t make another one make that one really good so then one you have thousand of people in and you make another one people now its going to be good.




Make cool game on develop so people play those games and write in the description the address and say you get some thing in the game like 100 cash to start you going.3




Also make fun/cool looking Ads so people click on them and it will automatically  go to your group and say join.




and don’t make stuff to expensive because people can look at your store before they join,




Tell your friends then they’ll tell there friends and it will keep on going on and the whole world might know one day.




Try to make something new and you’ll get more members.

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