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Roblox Gears Online RPG

Posted on July 25, 2016  in Roblox Games, Strategy, Tips & Tricks


Gears Online


Is this game popular?  I don’t know do lots of people talk and know about it yes.


Starting Off In Gears Online


One you start of you’ll look sort of hideous  any way you want to go to the big wood door it says are you sure you would like to enter click on enter. There are orcs at level 1 to 10. If you can’t put your Armour it’s because your not at that level yet.


How To Fighting In The Game


To fight you click and your sword will swing and take damage with action. The better sword you have the more damage it’ll take and you must be in range.


Selling In The Game


To sell something you need to go to Market place touch a guy click on sell item click on something in you inventory. Put the price. You want and it must be more than 24 gold and it can’t be 24 it has to be over or it can’t sell. Then it will go to were people can buy it but you don’t get all the money.


Buying In The Game


Go to a guy touch him and you’ll go to the shop but not transport you stay in the same spot. Click on the item you want and click on buy and wait a little bit. Then it will go to your inventory then you can put it on.


 Fighting Places On The Game


There are lots of places and i’m going to tell. There’s a Dungeon it’s sort of a maze in there. The Ice Dungeon  It’s like a small maze. There’s Lava Dungeon. And there’s Ancient Egypt that’s a maze. Next dungeon Is called Crystal Caves Dungeon. Last one is Omega Raid.


shops In The Game


The first one Is called Market Place you buy thing that other people are selling. there’s also an ARMORY in capital this shop sell’s thing’s from the game and they are really expensive. Last one is the summer shop that I have no Idea what’s in there.


Storage In the game


Storage is where you can store thing in if you need space and the good thing Is no one can take It.


And you should be good from there you have all the basic’s down.

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