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Roblox Stealth

Posted on September 20, 2017  in Uncategorized

What Is Roblox Stealth



Stealth is a game on Roblox where you are an assassin in a town with other players, NPC people and NPC guards. The guards you want to kill, but the people not so unless you want to be finned you also want to kill the other player because you get the most money and some bounty.



Using The Controls In Roblox Stealth



The controls are a bit different than normal controls, but other then that they are pretty much the same, to move around it’s the simple W,A,D and S to run you hold down the left shift and the W key to climb up windows and doors. To crouch you press C shift to slide tackle you hold shift, W and C.



What Is The Best Disguise In Roblox Stealth



The best disguise is most likely to dress up like a citizen so you are not notice by other players when walking around, this way you can have secret attack when they walk by you, you turn around and stab them in the back.



What Are The Big Attacks In Roblox Stealth



The big attacks that happen are from the people on the other side of the wall they send big rocks to try and kill you and shortl after that you’ll notice those tax guards come and spawn in. You may notice that they are super hard to kill without them killing you first, but at least they don’t take your money.



Tips N Tricks Roblox Stealth



When you walk around the map do not have any weapons out so that others players don’t suspect a thing. If you slide on someone with your dagger and left click to kill them it is the best strategic move you can do. Find an NPC and follow closely behind them and when you see another player attack them with the strategic move I told you. Don’t climb on the roof top a very much because another’s player will see you and try to assignation you. Don’t try sniping with crossbows the reason I say that is because they take very small damage and the player will notice you. I hoped it helped you a bit with you problems. Go check out my new group called Craziest Designers today!


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Roblox JailBreak

Posted on September 16, 2017  in Uncategorized

Hello guys I’m back, this time it all about Roblox jailbreak thats right.



What Is Roblox Jailbreak And How To Escape



Roblox Jailbreak is a escaping game where you are in a prison and you have to escape and rob banks, stores and other things to. When you first join you spawn in a cell that is unlocked then you go outside and you see a big gate that is electric that you can climb, so what do you do you, you do what the game says not to, so you punch the box that says don’t punch me and of course you punch them the gate fails and opens for 3-5 seconds. After all that you can run through the gate go under the hole in the fence after that you make it to where all the cars are and wonder how do I get out well there is another hole that you can go through. The again you think I won’t get out of here fast enough then you notice there is a random can beside the prison and you think let’s take that and drive off into the sunset.



How To Get A Free Keycard In Roblox Jailbreak In Less Than 3 Minutes



This method is probably One of the easiest ways to get a keycard because all you have to do is is check all the drawers in each cell until one of them has a keycard then double click the keycard and go test it. This is not a glitch it is just a feature that one of the developers added, well now you know how to get a keycard in less than 3 minutes.



Can You Spawn The Helicopters In Roblox Jailbreak?



No you can not spawn the helicopters in jailbreak, it is a random spawn system like the get a way cars that spawn beside the prison. Also that button on the lower floor just opens up a gate which risks the chance of prisoners escaping.



Best Way To Make Lots Of Money In Roblox Jailbreak



The best way to get money in jailbreak is to become a police and pretend to be AFK. Then someone will probably start to punch you, now you can take out your handcuffs and arrest them and get 50 money. The best place to stand is beside the or near the gate on the grass. I hope it helped you become better at this game thanks!


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Terraria How To Make A Terra Blade

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How To Make A Terra Blade


First you need to make a Night’s Edge you’ll need the following swords.

Light’s Bane,Muramasa,Blade Of Grass and The Fiery Greatsword and to craft that your need a Demon Altar which you’ll find in the corrupted areas in a the big holes.


How to get all the items for Night’s Edge, the first item you’ll need is 10 dementia bars to make a Light’s Bane plus an anvil to craft it.


The next item will be the Muramasa the way you get this is to go in the skeletron dungeon all you need to do is defeat skeletron before you can go in the dungeon, once you have defeated him you can go in and find golden keys to open the golden chests and you’ll find the Muramasa in one of the golden chests.


The next item you’ll need is the Blade Of Grass, first you need is Jungle Spores which you find in the jungle biome you go into the caves to try and find is jungle spores which look like big green balls and you need 12 of them.

The next thing you need is stingers which you also get in the jungle biome under, you will get the by killing any sort of wasp and other flying bugs for theses you need 15 and this said can  e crafted at an anvil.


The last sword you need is the Fiery Greatsword and you need 20 Hellstone bar and to get the bars you need to go to hell and mine the Hellstone ore, but be ware that when you mine this ore lave comes out.

To make this bad you need obsidian and a Hellforge or other higher forges and then once you have got all the bars you can craft you sword then carft the Night’s Edge.


The Next 3 Swords


Now I’ll tell you how to make the the next sword which is called the Excalibur all you need is 12 hollowed bar witch your you can get by get by killing Skelotron Prime and then you need an anvil.


The next sword is the True Night’s Edge and to craft it you need the Night’s Edge and a Broken Hero Sword and craft it at a Mithril Anvil.


Now the True Excalibur first you need and Excalibur and a Broken Hero Sword and to craft you need a Mithril Anvil.


This is the last step and the last step is to craft a Terra Blade yep that’s right. But to do so you need the following items a True Night’s Edge, a True Excalibur and a Broken Hero Sword and you need to craft this sword at a Mithril Anvil, well done now you have a Terra Blade.


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Beginners Guide To Terraria

Posted on March 6, 2017  in Uncategorized

Hey guys I decided to try something new and as in new I mean a new game

you guys have probably herd a game called Terraria you know the game with the little pixel guy

I guess the game is much more than that!


What Is Terraria 


Terraria is a game where everything is made out of pixels like ones you can see anyway

you start off with 3 differers’t items Copper Pickaxe, Copper ShortSword and a Copper Axe those are your 3 main starter items

also non of the items run out.

In Terraria you have to build a house a survive the night with not dying from the mobs that come and explore the land and much more like fight bosses to get unique items.


How To Play Terraria 


As you know W,D,A and W with doesn’t do anything sadly, but you can make it, by the space bar is jump the longer you hold it for the higher you go, but you don’t go up for ever you only go as high as you can go.

Esc is to go crafting or to your inventory and from you inventory settings in the bottom corner just so you know, that is what you need to know for controls.


Tips For Terraria 


So when you first get Terraria don’t go mining straight away and this is a common mistake figure out the controls then get some wood build a house and make it how you want then get some more wood get a sword make a mine get some lead make an anvil the make a lead armour and pickaxe and maybe if you have some left make an axe.


Join some friends share you materials fight skeletron go loot the dungeon and get some weapons to fight the wall of flesh so then your game is on hard mode and get some better weapons go destroy demon alters then go mining  get the new ores make armour, pickaxe and Axe maybe a sword to and get some wings then fly to the ocean on the right and left and there are your tips for terraria.