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Frontline Battle Royal

Posted on November 15, 2017  in Need Help, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Frontline Battle Royal Basics


Fortnite Battle Royal is 100-players per server game, the way the game works is you wait 1 minute or 10 seconds (when the server is full). When you are in the party bus to jump, press X on PS4, A on Xbox and space on PC when you’re ready to land.


Frontline Battle Royal Pro Tips


When you jump you fall towards the ground but if you don’t deploy your glider/umbrella it will deploy automatically deploy, but if you deploy to early you’ll stay in the air for a long time and all the loot where you are landing will be gone, but you can spam the deploy button a lot and you shall go further.

When you land its better to land of top of a house and break the roof because there’s a chance there’s a chest in the roof. If you see someone landing on a house before you its not good to go in the same house because they will get all the loot before you can and they’ll most likely kill you. Some of the best places to are Pleasant Park, Salty Springs and retail Row.


Frontline Battle Royal Professional Tactic


If you are getting shot at the best thing to do is build with brick or metal so they can’t destroy it quickly unlike with wood because it’s very easy to break after you’ve done that you quickly build some stairs so you can see the person that was shooting you and hopefully kill them, but be sure not to peak your head out to much because of snipers. It is always good to collected materials because when late game comes you’ll need them because when the storm shrinks in you get closer to your opponents and its better if you have a building to protect yourself and have a better vantage point. If you get stuck in the storm the best thing to do is hold out your bandages and run like hell, when you get low heath you must swiftly use your bandages until you think you have enough health to keep running and you keep doing this until your out of the storm. The weapons have color coding to show what’s the better gun so grey is the worst, green is better than grey, blue is better than green, purple is better than blue and yellow/orange is the best color to get. Some of the weapons to get are: the AR, burst rifle, scar and other sub machine guns, the best gun in the game is the legendary scar that’s if you get a headshot.


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Roblox Vehicle Simulator

Posted on September 12, 2017  in Need Help, Roblox Games, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

About Vehicle Simulator



Vehicle Simulator is by far one of the best driving games in Roblox. You can select a variety of cars to drive and customise, you can even buy a stunt plane. This is a simulation game where you can drive and test out all sorts of vehicles. You can also go to the customisation shop to customise your car or plane.

When you customise your car you can add thruster, suspension, race car wheels, turbo boost, race tyres and even your car colour. They have every car, you name it they have it, even if they don’t have it they will most likely add it if you ask them.



The Dealerships In Vehicle Simulator



Now what I think is really cool about the dealerships is that when you go up to the car buyer machine a hollow gram comes out and says the price of the car what colour it comes in and the speed, the brakes and the acceleration.



The Best Way To Start Off In Vehicle Simulator



You know how you start with the Chevy Impala well you want your next purchase to be the the Chevy Camaro, it’s fast you get lots of money from it so you can buy a better car sooner. After you have this car you are good to go.



Before There Was Swat Vehicle Simulator



Before there was swat there was police which you had to pay Robux to get which I did a week later my friend comes up to me and says police is free and I was like what? Later that day I went on my computer and checked and I got swat for free. So you did not loose your Robux, you got swat for free so don’t worry.



The Stunt Plane In Vehicle Simulator



The stunt plane may confuse you a bit, it’s pretty easy to get the hang of, here are the controls.

S is up, W is down, D is right and last is A which is left. The plane is pretty fun to use, but if you crash it it does explode and you do die. I hoped this information help you a bit.


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Phantom Forces Roblox

Posted on September 9, 2017  in Need Help, Roblox Games, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Hey guys today I will be telling you a bit about phantom forces in Roblox.



What Is Phantom Forces On Roblox



Phantom forces is one of the best shooting games on Roblox that is in first person and they also won the 2016 Roblox award. In this game there are a verity of guns and skins, there is currently 7 maps, but they play in the same order every time.



One Of The Best Guns To Use In Phantom Forces Roblox



I think the AUG HBAR is one of the best guns if you use the right attachments on it. I think the Coyote site for optics, Compensator, Vertical Grip and the Green Laser. The reason I choose these attachments is because they are recommended by youtubers and other people like me. Having these attachments is key to killing by distance with good aim and not to wobbly in motion, it’s also good up close. You can also run pretty fast with it too which is good for certain people.



How To Deploy In Phantom Forces 



The menu is one of the most important thing you need to know about. Let’s start with deploying yourself, there are 3 ways you deploy. You can press the space bar on you computer, click the deploy button in the top left corner or deploy on a teammate by clicking under the deploy button. After you have clicked the button you will see a smaller menu that has all your team names on it, click on one that says ready and it will show you where that player is and if you wanna spawn on top of the you click space bar.



How Kill More And Die Less Phantom Forces



The best way to do this is not to camp in one spot, I know it might be a bit hard to get use to, but you will get it one day. The reason I say not to camp is because once you kill someone they see where you are and get revenge on you. Even if you are a sniper you awaits want to move to a different location after killing.


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How To Get All The Keys In Terraria

Posted on September 5, 2017  in Need Help, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

So you may wonder what Biome Keys are? Well they are those keys to open the cool looking chests in the dungeon and what are in these chests are endgame items. If you don’t know what endgame items are they are item that professionals use, you’ll see a lot  of them in videos.



How To Get The Golden key In Terraria



The golden key rarely dropped by the bone family which is all the skeletons made out of bones so if you ever see a skeleton you can kill it and see if you get a golden key, once you do get one you can unlock a golden chest and get some rare items.



How To Get The Shadow Key In Terraria 



Getting the shadow key is a big step in the game because of all the rare item you get get in a shadow chest. To get a shadow key is pretty easy once you’ve unlocked the dungeon because they just happen to spawn in those golden chests, I just don’t know what the chances are you’ll get one, but they are pretty easy to find. Now that you have your key you can go to the underworld and get one of em purple chests.



How To Get The Temple Key Terraria



We all  know the Jungle Temple in Terraria the one with all the traps and weird lizards, flying snake things well this key gets you in there. To get there you have to kill Plantera and to do that you have to find the Planteras Bulb, but before you do any of that you need to kill all 3 Mechanical Bosses then Planteras Bulb will start spawning all over the underground jungle to break these you need a pickaxe and after killing Plantera you will get 1 temple key.



How To Get The Jungle Key Terraria



The Jungle Key is one of the easiest keys to get all you have to do is go to the Jungle Biome and put down a pile of meteorite blocks about 50 so the meteorite heads come and keep killing them until a key mould drops. If you think it’s taking forever, it’s 1 in 4000 chance of dropping. To make this key you need the following items Temple Key, Jungle Key Mold, 5 Souls of Fright, 5 Souls of Might and 5 Souls of Sight and you can craft it with your bare hands.



How To Get The Hollowed Key Terraria



For the one you will use the same tactic to get the jungle key except you go to the Hollowed Biome and if you don’t have the Hollowed Biome yet you can unlock it by unlocking Hardmode which you unlock from killing the Wall Of Flesh. Once you do that go to your Hollowed Biome and place about 50 meteorite blocks then meteorite heads will spawn near the area, one you’ve done that start spawn killing them until one drops the key mould, but remember it is a 1 in 4000 chance that they will drop.



How To Get The Crimson Key Terraria



Getting the Crimson Key is really not that hard all you got to do is go to the Crimson Biome place about 50 meteorite blocks then spawn kill all the meteorite heads as they spawn then eventually your key mould will drop, but it is only 1 in 4000 drop chance so you’ll be there a while just saying, but other then that, it’s pretty easy.



How To Get The Corruption Key Terraria



Same thing here just in the Corruption Biome, but if your new I’m happy to teach you about it. You have to get around 50 meteorite blocks then set them down in the Corruption Biome then those meteorite heads will spawn in. Start killing them as fast as you can maybe even create a trap to kill them somehow, remember it’s a 1 n 4000 chance that your key mould will drop. The chest for this key is the red one in the dungeon also know as the corruption chest and after opening the chest you get a staff.



How To Get The Frost Key In Terraria



To get the frost key goto the snowy biome and place 50 meteorite blocks then meteorite heads will start to spawn around those meteorite blocks you placed. Now start to kill the meteorite heads to get the key, but a key mould dropping is 1 n 4000 chance so if you get one in the first 100 your pretty lucky, i hoped it helped you.



How To Get The Key Of Light Terraria



To get the key of light you have to go to the hollowed biome and if you don’t have it you can get it by unlocking hardmode which gets blocked by killing the wall of flesh. this item is a craft item and to craft it you need 15 souls of light which you get by killing the monsters in the hollowed biome and can craft it with the workbench. if you put this item in a chest by its self the chest instantly turns in to the mimic of light.



How To Get The Key Of Night 



To get the key of light you have to go to the corruption biome and if you don’t have it you can get it by unlocking hardmode which gets blocked by killing the wall of flesh. this is also a craft item and to craft it you need 15 souls of night which you can get by going to the corruption biome and killing things there and to craft this you can use a workbench.


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Things To Know About Roblox

Posted on January 26, 2017  in Need Help, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Check out my new group for designing I love designing and i hope you do to Here: Designers Top Design.

If you joined just leave a comment saying I Did It or I Joined any way let’s get into it.


How To Get Free Robux 


Now this is something most players struggle with, but if you think about it’s not the hard, first go to anything on Roblox then copy the link to trade go to promotion then paste it where it say’s “Roblox url: ” then click enter and then one someone clicks on you get 5% every thing they buy! So say if they bought a pile of robux you get 5% of the robux they got do you get it?


Basic Game Controls 


As you probably know the simple game controls W, A, D, S for moving around SPACE BAR for jumping

and if you’re playing a shooting game R is reload also if you’re playing a game with murder knives ( like Murder Mystery ) Q would be to throw the knife. and there you got the Basic Game Controls.


How Make A Group


Making a group is very simple, first click the big Create button then enter the name of you group and the description then choose your file also you have the option between Anyone Can Join or Manual Approval and if you want BC only then click Purchase to finish you group.


How To Make Clothes


Making clothes ahh the key to making Robux.

First step first go to Develop then click Shirt or Pants after that it will say “Did you use the template?” then say’s ”Download It Here” in blue then click the writing and it loads you to an image drag the image mac or PC right click the image and click open with and choose the program that you use and edit the template.

When you finish editing the image drag it into develop and where it say ”Choose File” or click choose file and find the file you edited and click it.

then choose a name and click Upload and the you got a shirt to sell!


Dealing with online friends 


To ignore a friend request click ignore and if you want to ignore all click ignore all, to accept a request a click Accept and ther go.


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Roblox Prison Life v2.0 Gaming Experience-Guard

Posted on November 3, 2016  in Need Help, Roblox Games, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Hey I got a Co admin! Anyway Let’s do this!


Where You Spawn 


A Guard is not a simple task, I guess a inmate is a lot easer anyway i’ll get to the point.

wen you are a guard you will spawn in the spawn room, there is about three neighbours,


1 is the Armoury


2 is the Break Room


3 is the Surveillance


And thats pretty much it for spawn one you are a guard


What Is The Point Of The Game


The point of the game when you are a guard is to get inmates where they need to go ( Like if they need to go to Lunch then it is your responsibility ) you get criminals and lock them or kill them, but I recommend locking them up.

Also to not let inmates escape a become a criminal if they do they’ll seek revenge on you.


How Not To Become Inmate


If you don’t want to become an inmate try not to kill people as much, also you can only kill people if they hurt you ( this does nat apply for criminals you can kill them when ever you want. ) And you do have three strikes of killing innocent people when you hit three you  become inmate.


What Not To Do


Remember this is what Not to do. So don’t kill people if they didn’t hurt anyone,

don’t kill someone if they are in handcuffs  because they can not go back to jail

and don’t try to become a guard if you died from the three strikes because you can’t.


Police Items


If your a police and you have no passes you three items ( these are the items you start with in your inventory. )


First is you have your M9


Then your Taser


last you have the Handcuffs.


And thats you staring items for now the one i’m about to tell you is Remington 870 this you can get by going to the Armoury near spawn.




I think the experience is great on it’s well built and lucky auto open doors working cameras so for that case I think it’s a great game also a huge thanks to the creators for making such an advanced game.


also if you want write a comment say i’d like to write a post.


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Roblox Gears Online RPG

Posted on July 25, 2016  in Roblox Games, Strategy, Tips & Tricks


Gears Online


Is this game popular?  I don’t know do lots of people talk and know about it yes.


Starting Off In Gears Online


One you start of you’ll look sort of hideous  any way you want to go to the big wood door it says are you sure you would like to enter click on enter. There are orcs at level 1 to 10. If you can’t put your Armour it’s because your not at that level yet.


How To Fighting In The Game


To fight you click and your sword will swing and take damage with action. The better sword you have the more damage it’ll take and you must be in range.


Selling In The Game


To sell something you need to go to Market place touch a guy click on sell item click on something in you inventory. Put the price. You want and it must be more than 24 gold and it can’t be 24 it has to be over or it can’t sell. Then it will go to were people can buy it but you don’t get all the money.


Buying In The Game


Go to a guy touch him and you’ll go to the shop but not transport you stay in the same spot. Click on the item you want and click on buy and wait a little bit. Then it will go to your inventory then you can put it on.


 Fighting Places On The Game


There are lots of places and i’m going to tell. There’s a Dungeon it’s sort of a maze in there. The Ice Dungeon  It’s like a small maze. There’s Lava Dungeon. And there’s Ancient Egypt that’s a maze. Next dungeon Is called Crystal Caves Dungeon. Last one is Omega Raid.


shops In The Game


The first one Is called Market Place you buy thing that other people are selling. there’s also an ARMORY in capital this shop sell’s thing’s from the game and they are really expensive. Last one is the summer shop that I have no Idea what’s in there.


Storage In the game


Storage is where you can store thing in if you need space and the good thing Is no one can take It.


And you should be good from there you have all the basic’s down.


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Roblox My 1ST favourite Tycoon Game

Posted on July 8, 2016  in Roblox Games, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Retail Tycoon



If you don’t now what tycoon means it means sort of like a factory or the point of the game.


Clean Ratings


In Retail Tycoon you start of with a lot of money you get 5,000 dollars to start of with so go claim a store. Your store has ratings those depend on how clean your store is.


Dirty Ratings


If it’s dirty you’ll get bad  ratings so hire a start of I recommend putting a register, a freezer, selves. then use the rest of your money to stock them but buy the cheep stuff. then get 80 sodas and 30 foods then get one cashier.


Good Way To Start


Then if you get one a manger and one  restocked you can automatically get every thing restocked by going to supply and going underneath wear it says trash you enter the number you want and click on the box till it has  an check mark. and it will restock every minute and to stop it simply click on the box again.


How To Build And Furnish


to build or furnish you need to have claimed land so to do this you simply click build or furnish then click on the thing you want to place ( you need to be in you to furnish and to build you need have a land to upgrade the look or buy more land. )To place you click to where you want to put it and it simply go there. To rotate you click on R.


Supply And Management


be for you can manage your supply’s you need to get some supply’s to get supply’s you want to click on it one you clicked on it click on the item you want. Then enter the number you want underneath it’ll say how much space it takes up you’ll see SU that means storage unit it also says the cost. To order click on order and it will go to your storage to throw it a way click on trash and it’ll say with warning throw away 1 soda for in example. And you have the decision of wait no or yes.


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Roblox Lumber Tycoon 2 gaming Experience

Posted on July 7, 2016  in Roblox Games, Strategy, Tips & Tricks


 Lumber Tycoon

hello this game is a lumber game so get your axe and start making some lumber.


How To Fix Your Axe Problem


This game is a lumber game and you start with 20 dollars don’t buy anything until you buy an axe or you’ll never be able to buy un axe in that game and if you do don’t save and go out of the game to fix the problem.


Getting Started


So to get started, buy your axe, start making a base, cut down some trees. And sort of trim them but keep the trimmed part and take the rest of the tree. To the wood drop off to start making money and after you have a enough money buy your self a better axe so you can chop faster.


Money And Cargo


Then make some more money and buy a sawmill to get more money every time you drop of some wood. And get a conveyer then you want to buy a truck for faster transport and more cargo.




Then if you want you can make a storage to put the wood in so you have a whole pile of wood so then one your ready you can take it to the drop off.


Gaming Experience


The gaming experience is great you can explore the terrain in action going up the volcano inside the volcano and get the most valuable wood lava wood!




and if you’d like to do some more exploring drive around until you see a pile of boulders you can get some TNT and blow them up warning there’s a really big sound wave so stand back  quit faraway.


Bridge And Shops


The bridge if you go across 2 shops and 1 secret shop there’s the Fancy Furniture and there’s Boxed Bars  but the secret one is to secret so I can’t tell you.


Secret Place


By the  way remember the boulder’s I told you about explore the  until you see the x mark the spot click under it to see some secret which there’s a table with three guy’s sitting down and that’s where you get the shark axe. But three’s three items required to do it and all of the money I costs to that is almost 1000-1200.











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Roblox The Legendary Swords RPG gaming experience

Posted on July 7, 2016  in Roblox Games, Strategy, Tips & Tricks


The Legendary Swords RPG



Now this other game is quit poplar there’s at least over 100 people on the game at the same time but they just keep on coming  and leaving. The game is grate and it’s fun to play but some times it glitches and there all these weird picture’s on the wall’s.


Where You Spawn


OK in spawn you spawn near a store ( witch is not a very good one ) a rebirth armour  store ( witch is good ) but at that store you can only buy stuff if you have got reborn a few times ( one time works to. ) Also the sever event sign and Floating Fortress. There nine different places to go to and that includes inside of the mane ones.




The first  one is the outer caves witch  is level 0 required then inside that there a another one called caves witch is required level 5. The next one is  the upper mountain. The next is forest and the level required is 45 for the forest and there you can find a better sword shop . And on the wall it says the damage and name.The other one is Maxos Temple level is 100 to enter and there no shop but it is a grate place to get gold or level up if you go thru the columns there are secret bosses.


Hirer Level Places


this one is the called the Legendary Mines and behind the dirt wall that sticks out mob the mob isn’t a boss there’s another one in the mines  its called the Deep Mines.
Now the Mysterious  portal has a shop with very good sword in the Mysterious Portal but the level required is 250! There’s anther place in there witch is level 285 to go in and it’s called Angelic Temple.
Ok the Black Hole in there it’s a small place and there’s one boss witch has a really good sword but that’s all there is in there.


The Hiyest Level Place


Last one is the Legendary Towers so what it is basically one big tower and you pay 100K to the man he let’s you guys all the way up and here’s a secret behind the tower is a rebirth place 4 rebirth to enter one you go in you have to fight a boss


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Roblox Miner’s Haven Gaming Experience

Posted on July 7, 2016  in Roblox Games, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

ScreenShot_20160707120804Miner’s Haven

Last Two Weeks


hi guy’s the last 2 weeks my group got hacked it was called Tick Tack Whip That they stole more then 250R$ from me and my group but anyway let’s get started on this stuff.


My Personal Favorite


So my personal favorite  game is Miner’s haven so we’ll talk about it for a bit. And I think I’ll start with it to so first I’ll tell you how to play. Ok now you move like you move in any other game use W, D, S ,A or your arrows stuff like that the same with the chat.


It’ll Take Awhile To Load


But don’t get all excited or put your fingers where you want  because it does take a while to load so go get a snack or something. The gaming experience for this game is very good and what you do to start of is.


Starting Off


You start with some money to get going and every time you buy something from the shop witch is ion the side  it’ll go to your inventory you can click on in your inventory to place it some where.


 gaming Experience


Now the back to the Roblox gaming  experience this game you can do many things and you can make it how you want put stuff were you want do what you want. You can make the coolest base be more than a trillion-air.


More Than You Think There Is


And unlike other tycoon games this one has more different colored factory’s so if you have a friend but there’s only two people and two different factory’s there’d still be space.


Tips To Get Lots Of Money


OK I’ll give you a tip make one long convener then put droppers all around it then connect a few more conveners with upgrades and at the end of all the conveners have a really good Furriness something that says super rare or rare.


Leave a Comment


hey make sure you leave a comment below and write if any tips helped and info or if you like the new editing on my website like the big picture on the top and that’s what my guy looks like wearing the games armor. Thanks for reading or what ever you call it on a site.


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How To Get Started Playing Roblox

Posted on June 4, 2016  in Need Help, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

OK Im going to show you how to get started.


Step One 


First you want to search up Roblox sign up then click on the top one in google. After you do that you’ll see all the stuff you need to enter so enter that stuff and you’ll have an account.


Step Two


Then you can click on games and it will take you to games then click on a game to play so one in the game to move click on the arrows or W,D,A and S one you want to leave click on Esc  and click on leave. OK now you can go and you’ll see that you Recently played that game and the star on the side of the game if you click on that it becomes one of your favorite game witch is under  Recently played.


Step Three


Now if you click on Profile of course it take there and in there it shows you what you are made out of and you can  make your self  blocky  or Lego like change that stuff. And if you click on creations it will show you the world you made or worlds other things like T-Shirts, Pants and shirts.


Message And Friends


OK if you click on messages those also help you get started and you can also send them in friends to that friend you click on. now friends will allow you to see requests, followers, following and friends your max friends are 199.




OK Avatar you can customize your character say you can put on sunglasses so then one you go into a game you’ll be warring them.




So now inventory time OK let’s get into it inventor y i s a place where you can see all the stuff you own like faces you can see the one you own and the ones that are remanded.




Ok in Trade that is where you can see what you’ve bot and sold (if you don’t have the update were they get rid of Tix than you can trade in Tix) and where you can put you’re link in.




Now group is where a hole bunch of help each other get the they and you do the and you mite get payed Robux it all deepens how much you work and you can make a fey. and Forum and Blog also helps.

don’t forget to post comment let me now what you want me to post next and i’ll think about it thanks.



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Three Ways How To Get Free Robux

Posted on May 29, 2016  in Need Help, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

this has no hack or cheat


1.Go into a game and copy the link (some don’t have a link) and then go to Trade. and you’ll see something that says promotion and then you’ll see something else that says Roblox url: under that  you’ll see writing rectangle thing  paste the link in there. After you do that it goes on line if some one clicks on that and they get Roblox  every thing they buy you get 5% of the profit. So say if  they get some thing that cost them 100 Robux you get 5 Robux.


Also no hack or cheat


2.For this one you need develop. So you have to make/have a good game that’s  popular  and has people playing all the time(100 is good) so there’s enough people to buy stuff. So to put stuff in your store in the game  you go to profile then go to creations and click on the four squares click on the the game. And click on the store then click on add/pass if you click on pass then that goes to develop (i don’t now how to make one) or if you click on add gear you go to catalog. And you click on what ever you wan’t  then you click on add to game and it goes into your game then other people can buy it.


No hack or cheat ether 


3.For this you need BC and group in your group you’ll see Members and Store click on Store and you’ll see T-Shirt, Shirt and Pants click on the one you want and then click on choose file. Select your picture click enter and then upload wait for it to load. After that you scroll down all group items then click on the one you want to sell and in the right coiner you’ll see a circle with spikes next to that is a an arrow pointing down click on those. Then click on configure this T-Shirt once your in there can name it you can make it for sale but if you click on sale it make it so can change the price (it only goes to 1,000,000, and Roblox get 30%) and you can classify it so people can find it easier and one your done click save.