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Month: March 2017

Beginners Guide To Terraria

Posted on March 6, 2017  in Uncategorized

Hey guys I decided to try something new and as in new I mean a new game

you guys have probably herd a game called Terraria you know the game with the little pixel guy

I guess the game is much more than that!


What Is Terraria 


Terraria is a game where everything is made out of pixels like ones you can see anyway

you start off with 3 differers’t items Copper Pickaxe, Copper ShortSword and a Copper Axe those are your 3 main starter items

also non of the items run out.

In Terraria you have to build a house a survive the night with not dying from the mobs that come and explore the land and much more like fight bosses to get unique items.


How To Play Terraria 


As you know W,D,A and W with doesn’t do anything sadly, but you can make it, by the space bar is jump the longer you hold it for the higher you go, but you don’t go up for ever you only go as high as you can go.

Esc is to go crafting or to your inventory and from you inventory settings in the bottom corner just so you know, that is what you need to know for controls.


Tips For Terraria 


So when you first get Terraria don’t go mining straight away and this is a common mistake figure out the controls then get some wood build a house and make it how you want then get some more wood get a sword make a mine get some lead make an anvil the make a lead armour and pickaxe and maybe if you have some left make an axe.


Join some friends share you materials fight skeletron go loot the dungeon and get some weapons to fight the wall of flesh so then your game is on hard mode and get some better weapons go destroy demon alters then go mining  get the new ores make armour, pickaxe and Axe maybe a sword to and get some wings then fly to the ocean on the right and left and there are your tips for terraria.