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Month: November 2016

How To Use Develop-Roblox

Posted on November 24, 2016  in Need Help, Tips & Tricks

Hey guy’s this time i’ll be showing you how to use this tool to make games called develop.


What Is Develop 


If you you don’t know what Develop is then I suggest you read this.

basically this is a tool that is very complicated and you need to know a lot about it first things first, it’s a tool that can make a game that are simple and complicated a complicated game more people will play a simple game you won’t get that much people.


What Will Happen When You Click on It From Roblox 


To our places at first and you can reach a pile of other thing for an example games, models, ads, animations, shirts, t-shirts and much more.

Also there be some ads on the top and right side and download something at the bottom and trust me income in handy for making some different things and easy to download.


The 4 Main One’s 


Develop is not very simple and there are a lot of different things and I don’t know very much, but i’ll tell you what I do know.

Let’s get into it though.

So the main you use in develop is a few things i’ll tell them you now Select, Move, Scale and Rotate and  thats basically the main one and i’ll also tell you what they mean.


So Select is really basic all it allows you to do is move stuff and all of the other 3 can do that too, but tis is useful so you don’t mess up anything like making it huge or very small.


Moving on to Move this one allows you to stuff in small spaces which come in handy a bit at times.


Next we have scale ( which is very very useful I mean I use all the time ) this is for making things to very big to very small so that means that you can take any item from the toolbox ( must not be on group ) and make it any size you want.


Now you probably all know what Rotate does it isn’t like any other rotate you’ve seen this anyway any time which  think ist pretty good for free at least.


Month: November 2016

Roblox Prison Life v2.0 Gaming Experience-Guard

Posted on November 3, 2016  in Need Help, Roblox Games, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Hey I got a Co admin! Anyway Let’s do this!


Where You Spawn 


A Guard is not a simple task, I guess a inmate is a lot easer anyway i’ll get to the point.

wen you are a guard you will spawn in the spawn room, there is about three neighbours,


1 is the Armoury


2 is the Break Room


3 is the Surveillance


And thats pretty much it for spawn one you are a guard


What Is The Point Of The Game


The point of the game when you are a guard is to get inmates where they need to go ( Like if they need to go to Lunch then it is your responsibility ) you get criminals and lock them or kill them, but I recommend locking them up.

Also to not let inmates escape a become a criminal if they do they’ll seek revenge on you.


How Not To Become Inmate


If you don’t want to become an inmate try not to kill people as much, also you can only kill people if they hurt you ( this does nat apply for criminals you can kill them when ever you want. ) And you do have three strikes of killing innocent people when you hit three you  become inmate.


What Not To Do


Remember this is what Not to do. So don’t kill people if they didn’t hurt anyone,

don’t kill someone if they are in handcuffs  because they can not go back to jail

and don’t try to become a guard if you died from the three strikes because you can’t.


Police Items


If your a police and you have no passes you three items ( these are the items you start with in your inventory. )


First is you have your M9


Then your Taser


last you have the Handcuffs.


And thats you staring items for now the one i’m about to tell you is Remington 870 this you can get by going to the Armoury near spawn.




I think the experience is great on it’s well built and lucky auto open doors working cameras so for that case I think it’s a great game also a huge thanks to the creators for making such an advanced game.


also if you want write a comment say i’d like to write a post.