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Month: September 2016

Party & Chat And Avatar

Posted on September 5, 2016  in Need Help, Tips & Tricks

Hey guy’s today I’l’be showing you how to use you party & chat and avatar.


party is not a party its a group of your friends and you chatting


I’ll start with chat & party now before I start I just want to say there is now party.


How To Make A Chat Group


To make a group is simple all you need to do is click on chat & party  at the right bottom ( There is no party ) so it’ll come visible  then click on create chat group.

The rules are you can have five people max that are your friends and other people and if you have trouble like me some times with too many friends you can search

by clicking at the top search bar.

And you can get rid of people if you click on someone by accident just re click on there name or click on X a the top.

Once your done click on create and wait for the magic to happen it does take a bit not that long though.


What Avatar Is  


Avatar is a place that you customize your character and make him look sick!

And make outfits to save how you look, just in case you change you can change back.


How To Use Avatar!


Now to use avatar you need Roblox of course and same with the other one.

Avatar is a place that you customize your character and make him look sick!


How To Put Clothes On


To put things on you click on wear you can only wear 1 Shirt, T-Shirt and pants also as many hats as you like and it does take awhile.

You can find things in catalog that are free if you don’t have a BC or if you do.

And have a look in all the different categories if you can’t find something that you’ve purchased or just go back and get.


How To Remove Clothes 


To remove clothes click on remove just letting you know because you mite put some thing on you don’t want.


Changing Your Skin Colour 


To change you skin color is simple all you need to do is scroll down a bit and you’ll see this guy click on one of his body parts.

Then you can change the color of your guy have fun making him.